Dear madam/sir!

This brochure is a map that makes You acquainted with our company and the facilities it offers. Certainly this map does not include all the pathways of Your company or enterprise, but we hope it will give You precise information about the so far hardly known or seldom exploited opportunities.

Our company has been established to take a bilateral function:

  • on the one hand it offers the producer and commercial firms casual and permanent manpower to assist in manpower-managment assignments,
  • and on the other hand, it wishes to ensure the student with jobs.

All your questions in connection with the employment of students in the topics of employing possibilities, the advantages of student work, economicality, legal regulations should be answered in the following sections. You will also find there the short history and development of our company, the addresses of the offices, the accessibility of our colleagues and the references we have so far.

We hope that this short introduction has evoked your interest and that you take a few to learn more about the issues mentioned above.

Zoltán Márkus